Pasha Coffee House

World famous Turkish coffee houses (Kirathane), where people gather to socialise, play cards, board games or just to talk about ‘anything’ while drinking their teas and coffees. Times change and with it, so do people‘s living habits and way of life. At Pasha, we are old school, we respect old traditions with a modern approach. Meet your friends or work colleagues for a catch up or conclude your business in a relaxed environment, unwinding on the comfy Chesterfield sofas. With free WiFi and photocopying facilities. Being part of a roastery, we offer unique blended coffees to our customers. Come and try our signature hot and cold beverages, our lovely selection of pastries and ‘mouth watering cakes’ Turkish desserts and Baklava.

Pasha Mezze Bar - Lokanta

While relaxing with a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or chilled Prosecco, be prepared to be blown away by our culinary skills at Pasha. Whether you are on your own or in a large gathering, we can cater for groups of all sizes; from a large gathering to an event of 100 guests plus. Authentic Ottoman dishes from across Turkey’s Anatolian region, the Middle East and Balkans. We have created our own street food concept with modern twist, encapsulating all the big flavours in one dish….slow cooked, fast served!

Remember…. We cook with Passion!

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